Brunch Vibes @ Levels, December 2nd, 2018

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Brunch Vibes had another sellout crowd with admission being free and it was wall to wall.  This is the brunch you have to be there to experience.  All you need is your love for football on the big screen, drinks, and the very best brunch meal.  

With the new vegan menu in place with Chef Glaze and the entire Three Levels Kitchen Staff cooking it up and bringing the best meals in town, adding their shake and stirring in the pot love. They were simply amazing putting on the very best kitchen show!

DJ Frank White bringing you the heat with the music vibes ensuring that everyone was having a good time and not just sitting around.  

The Day Breakers being the host and the promoter to ensure that everyone had a good time throughout the whole of Sunday. 

Brunch Vibes are on each and every Sunday, come and experience the excitement.


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