Porsha From RHOA Wins Round One Against Kordell


Porsha can continue to live her lavish lifestyle on Kordell’s dime (at least temporarily) after a Fulton County judge ruled that she should received THOUSANDS a month in spousal support.
According to documents obtained by HipHopEnquirer, the judge may not have been too fond of the fact that Kordell played games with the locks on the marital house the couple shared, and ruled against the ex-ballplayer’s wish NOT to pay Porsha a thing.

The two met in court yesterday (June 18, 2013) and a Superior Court Judge heard all of the evidence in support of Porsha’s request for spousal support.

The Judge ruled in Porsha’s favor and ordered the former NFL quarterback to pay his estranged wife $5000.00 in temporary support as well as ordered Kordell to immediately return all her personal possessions or pay for them to be put in storage unit. 

The ruling was a result of a recent motion filing by Porsha Williams in which she claimed Kordell Stewart changed the locks on their home and that Kordell has locked her out of their residence on multiple occasions.
As previously reported, Kordell filed a counter-claim stating that his estranged wife was spending money frivolously and he claims that she didn’t need support from him, as her current income with the Real Housewives of Atlanta reality show was enough to keep her afloat.