Sex…. Dead End or Not!!!


picture-119Fellas when you look at her, does Excalibur; moisture & heat seeking venomous throbbing python of love; beaver basher, man does your deep-V- diver stay a J or does it form a l? Ladies does your squish mitten; whisper eye; door of life; honey does your Lawrence of A Labia turn into Misses Wet Wet, or does it become arid? When you are in a relationship, building, and maintaining a sexual spark with one another is very imperative. Within most young couples, or highly sexually individuals, its paramount the you keep trying to strengthen up your sex life, in my opinion. What was once told to me, if your “sex game” is off, then the relationship is a no go! Could this be true? Is sex vital in a relationship, or do you think you could be like my girl Erykah Badu, & have “mind sex” and be satisfied in your relationship!! All I know is that a man in a committed relationship, when he participates in sex with his partner, that is probably one if not the only way for him to express to you ladies how he truly feels about you. And in a women sense “communication verbally’ helps us understand what you guys want. But let’s say you want to spice things up for him, or her. THAT’S GREAT!!! Studies show that having a variety in your sex life, is the best way to not only free yourself to the unlimited. It also shows that your relationship can and will become much stronger. If you are tired of doing all the other well known positions that your body is flexible enough to do. Here are ways to not only keep him/her coming……back for more.

striptease_main_600x450For Women Participants:

It’s time ladies to  “Do -It Yourself”…. No really, do it yourself in front of him. Instead of allowing him to watch porn, or go to the strip club, or a peep show in the city. Hun be his own private peep show, but go all the way. Here’s what you do. When he comes home, have dinner ready (Men like to eat… literally). Draw him a bath, wash his back, and just whisper softly you have a surprise for him in the bedroom, living room, kitchen; Where ever you would like to do it yourself. Sit him down, strip for him slowly, then unleash your inner sexual freaky self. But do not allow him to touch you. I must warn you, he may like it too much, and wish for you to do the same act over and over again. Its redundant, so once a month, or once in a blue moon, should suffice.

For Men Participants

Ok sparky: Your lady is on the coy side when it comes to you too having sex. You have tried to do so many things to open her up. There’s several things you can do in order for her to do a Sisqo, and “Unleash The Dragon”.. Remember communication verbally and physically in the subtle way goes a long way for us to understand what you are looking for. So this is what I suggest you to do if she is shy.  Buy her some sexy lingerie in your favorite color. Let her put in on privately, the let her show you. FOREPLAY afterwards. Use bananas, syrup, do a Spike Lee and use ice, & “thank God for her left -”  Take her to a sex museum, while your there learning, whisper in her ear sexy sweet things, that you know will definitely make her smile. Buy a Karma Sutra book, and challenge her in a Karma game.   Wine and dine her, with not only food, but with your words as well. She’ll definitely meet you in the room with a smile, and Miss Wet Wet.

Once realizing that there is a undying spark between you and your mate, try not make excuses of why you cannot continue with the spark. Do not become lazy in bed. Acknowledge the fact that your partner is wanting his/her needs to be fulfilled, and is thirsty for a continuous thrill. Understand, doing things a little differently can heighten, and strengthen the love that you may have for her/him. Last, but not least whether you do it physically, verbally, or socially Communicate with one another. Communication is free, and it allows your mate to have clarity, and it gives them the opportunity to decide whether the relationship will be a dead end or not in the sex department.

Good Luck!!!