Showing Yourself Online!!



Have you ever tried online dating, or do you limit yourself when it comes to the heart?? Some say bars, clubs/lounges, grocery stores, and even church is the thing in the past. when it comes to finding a potential homie, lover, or friend. Would you even consider signing up for a free dating profile? If you haven’t already. I guess, if you can’t find a person face to face, then what do you have to loose. So far close to 40 million Americans, are jumping on this online dating bandwagon.

Granted, by doing such you increase the possibility of finding someone, whether its a long distance friend, a perspective sexual partner, or a life companion. You are sure to find somebody. Even though by signing up for a online dating profile may have its pros; Such as you do not only have your family, or friends being your worst match maker of all time. But there are major negative attributes that come along with having such searchable profile of yourself. Here is a list of what I think can be a red flag alert that should be thought about prior to dating via web.

  1. You place yourself in the eyes of sexual predators, stalkers, or other deranged individuals. 
  2. You find yourself attracted to a person name Fran, within a few weeks of merely having online conversations; You finally go to meet her, but instead of meeting Fran, your meeting Frank. Or instead of meeting Shawn, your meeting a transvestite name Lady Sue
  3. You start to build a deep physical attraction with someone, just by continuously looking at their pictures. Uh hello, theres the use of Google Images remember!!!
  4. Last, but not least, you see someone that you might be interested in, exchange phone numbers, talk all day everyday except for Tuesday mornings and their profile says that their occupation is in Law Enforcement. You update your status on Facebook, stating how lovely he/she is. You look at the advertisements on the right side of the screen, you see their picture with the title “Date Me’ above it, you click on the title, & web page pops up, with the your “lovely” friend picture planted right above the 3 drug/weapon convictions, and a notice stating “on probation since ’05’”… Now your heart broken, pissed off that you waisted your time and energy of getting to know your “lovely”  online friend. 

Funny as this may seem, it’s a possibility things like this can happen. But its 2K13, there is so much information that you can retrieve about your potential online partner. Anything from their lifestyle, household members, previous/current address, what they do, & who they do it with, how they did it, where they did it…well you get my drift.  In my opinion ‘to each is own’. But ask yourself, are you ready, and willing to spend countless of hours searching and browsing people profiles, til you find somebody that quenches your thirst.  If you want to play Catch 22 then shoot for the cupids selection, but make sure you do it safely, & securely, & do your damn research.  Either way good luck in finding your potential partner. Maybe your story will be posted as a success.