Ice-T Files For Legal Separation And Prepping Divorce From Coco (Allegedly)


ice-coo-tampa-bay-com11Rapper AP.9 definitely did not let CoCo of the hook and possibly has destroyed her marriage to rapper/actor Ice-T. During an interview with Reach Around Radio, the rapper said that he will shock the world in a couple days with proof that he did have an affair with the model as well with Kim Kardashian and possibly Kobe Bryant’s wife.

Now rumor has it that Ice-T,  the Law & Order star, has filed for a legal separation from longtime love, Coco, and is astep closer to getting a divorce.

With rapper AP.9 trying desperately to extend his 15-minutes of fame by claiming to have slept with Coco, Ice allegedly went forward with plans to split from the woman who has been by his side for over a decade. The website Cream BMP claims to have insider information on their relationship.

“I can’t unbreak my heart, but I can take that azz back tho” said an obviously hurt Ice T in front of a courthouse after filing for divorce from his wife of 11 years after pictures of her kissing a fan surfaced online.

“She can have the money, the house, but them t*tties is mine” Ice T said after explaining that hitting her where it hurts will do more damage than leaving her broke ever would. “I’ma let her start March off with nobody and no body.” Ice T wants her assets delivered to the doorstep of his New Jersey estate no later than March 1st or any monetary support Coco would receive from the divorce will be withdrawn.

Friends close to Coco say she is devastated as without her cosmetic surgery she’s just another white girl without an azz.

After photos of her and AP.9 were released he had a brief Twitter meltdown, but within 24 hours everything seemed to be back on track. Also, he lashed out at the media for making up stories about his situation.“Daily Game: Bloggers/Media = MEGA TROLLS,” he wrote. Those aren’t exactly the words of a man trying to end his marriage, but he could have had a change of heart.

If so, he wants Coco out of his house by March 1, which really only gives her one day to pack up all her “red-bottoms” and stripper heels.


“The pictures are worth a thousand words. If motherf*ckers can’t see through that they’re blind to the world. They’re blind to a lot of sh*t,” The rapper added, “In a day or two I’m finna shock the world, that’s all you need to know. Stay tuned, I’m gonna shock the world and it is what it is.”