All Eyes On Who Black History Month With Dr. Harry Edwards



Harry Edwards’ born November 22, 1942 is an African-American sociologist who took his PhD at Cornell University and is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. His career has focused on the experiences of African-American athletes and he is a strong advocate of black participation in the management of professional sports. He has served as a staff consultant to the San Francisco 49ers football team and to the Golden State Warriors basketball team. He has also been involved in recruiting black talent for front-office positions in major league baseball.

Dr. Edwards has been in the forefront of Race and Sports in America for over four decades now. When white America couldn’t understand how O.J. Simpson could turn his back on the Black community Dr. Edwards was quick to offer answers. When they wanted to know what separates today’s Black Athlete from those athletes of the 1960’s, Dr. Edwards gave them an earful. And when a psycho-analysis of Terrell Owens was needed they paged Dr. Edwards.

“We must no longer allow this country to use a few so called Negroes to point out to the world how much progress she has made in solving her racial problems when the oppression of Afro-Americans is greater than it ever was. We must no longer allow the sports world to pat itself on the back as a citadel of racial justice when the racial injustices of the sports world are infamously legendary…..any Black person who allows himself to be used in the above manner is a traitor because he allows racist whites the luxury of resting assured that those Black people in the ghettos are there because that is where they want to be. So we ask why should we run in Mexico only to crawl home?”

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