Starr Said: Gil Noble “Like It Is” 1980 Interview with Bob Marley. Take heed, take what you need!





It’s the funniest thing… I feel the first words that come to mind when I think of all great people making a mark in this world, whether living or not, my initial statement is always, “Where do I begin?…”!

With that said, below is footage from an 1980 Interview of Bob Marley. Where do I begin? haha.

I can not recall the exact moment I learned of Mr. Marley, as I like to call him, but I remember thinking, “What is so special about this guy and all of his iconic pictures?!”. I soon learned, only after witnessing his words, both in song and literature, why he has and always will be an iconic figure in the world of Music and Morality! I would love to share with you all an interview Mr. Marley did with the legendary Gil Noble in 1980.

Take what you need!



How do you handle fame?

‘By not being famous.’ -Bob Marley

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