Chris Brown & Rihanna at Same Club as Karrueche; Chris leaves in tears [PHOTOS]


Now that things have somewhat cooled down and the “love triangle” may now be over, one would think things would now be less awkward for Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Karrueche Tran. While Chris did seem to be spending his time with both ladies after he split with Karrueche last October, Rihanna made no apologies for taking the R&B singer back into her life in a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. Despite that, partying in Hollywood is still complicated for these three. Especially since Karrueche has already confirmed that despite what happens in Chris’ romantic life, they will always have some type of relationship and business with one another.

As we recently reported, the last time Rihanna and Karrueche partied in the same club, it was because Rihanna intentionally crashed her Cover Release party. Although there was no show down or any altercation between the two beauties, many were shocked that Rihanna showed up. Chris Brown played it smart that night and did not show up to the party, causing many to speculate that he intentionally didn’t want to be a part of any possible drama that night.

Well it looks like Chris was forced to face his fears, as it’s being reported my multiple reports that the other night, Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Karrueche all ended up partying at the same nightclub. Apparently things got awkward when Rihanna and Chris saw Karrueche walk in with a male friend.

Here’s the report from StarCrush:

Not long after Rihanna opened up to Rolling Stone about how Chris Brown “doesn’t have the luxury to f— up again,” the bizarre, tempestuous duo were spotted at a club together in the wee hours of this morning (Feb. 4), which isn’t unusual.

What is? Karrueche Tran was there. With another dude.

This made poor widdle Bweezy sad.

It’s unclear exactly what went down, because, well, no one ever really knows what’s going on with this trifecta of fail, but Brown was spotted leaving the Greystone Manor in Los Angeles with in tears in his eyes.

We’re not sure why seeing Tran with another guy would upset him so much considering while he was dating her — you know, before he dumped her publicly — he was heavily rumored to be banging Rihanna.

Speaking of the Bajan beauty that occasionally sings, Rihanna apparently left the club on her own shortly before Brown did. Reports alternate from saying she “stormed out,” which would imply something heated, to saying she was “cool and collected.”

While no one really commented on the situation, Rihanna, in her usual fashion, issued a cryptic tweet: “F—ing problems.”

Despite what happened in the club, Karrueche walked out all smiles with said male friend later on that night.