Alicia Keys Announced As The New Global Creative Director Of BlackBerry



Congratulations to Alicia Keys on her new position with Blackberry as the new Global Creative Director, yeah its nice mouthful.  A lot of people will be questioning Alicia Keys new role with no prior experience in the business world and what she will able to bring to the losing company.  And while she’s partnered with Blackberry as their Global Creative Director, and to create a new line of shoes, Swizz Beatz’, her husband, resume is equally impressive with collaborations with , , and Audemars Piguet.  He is also the VP of Creative Design and for the brand and a Global Ambassador for & Hospitals.

Check out what Alicia Keys had to say…

Alicia Keys describes BlackBerry as  an ex-boyfriend.  A lot of smartphone started with a BlackBerry before switching to an or Android phone. She had once been an avid user, then “we broke up” and she went for more bling. “I was playing the field.” Now we’re “back together.”

So what is Keys going to do?

“I’m going to work closely with the app designers, the carriers, to explore this BB10 platform,” she says. “I’m definitely going to start with other super women who also love BlackBerry, and work with people in the entertainment and music business to inspire creative projects. And I want to enhance this concept, or bridging the gap between the work phone and the play phone.  I’m extremely excited to work with you and your team.”


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One Comment

  1. wow!!!! congrats alicia what a big step for you. you will do great especially with your husband all ready a vp and creative designer he will have a lot of incite to help you on your journey. Big Big congrats and Big shoes to fill