Beyonce Responds To Her Critics… In Her Own Way!




Beyonce finally broke her silence on the crazy lip-syncing controversy that broke earlier this week by posting a picture of herself online with the message “Can I live?”  She is seen wearing a sweatshirt while practicing for her upcoming Super Bowl gig which poses the question “Can I Live?” … the title of a song by her husband, Jay-Z. She is posted the cryptic snapshot on Instagram Saturday night.

It’s clear from the pic … either Beyonce is telling the world to back the heck off … or she’s just a totally supportive wife.

Beyonce dons a “Brooklyn Nets” t-shirt while rehearsing for her Super Bowl performance in this new photo shared on her Tumblr website, I Am Beyonce.

The 31-year-old entertainer also posted various other photos of her rehearsal at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans on Instagram.






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  1. wow!!!! okay Beyonce by all means you can live so yes world she is saying (BACK OFF) lol lol lol
    she owes the world no explanation !!!! the shirt tells that (or) why she keep not answering the question (HELLO) on- why you at the last minuet decide to not sing with your voice)????? so with that Question not being said of if said —-she saying know (BACK OFF) can I LIVE– lol lol — now theres her (honest answer) I can respect her for that answer!!!! nice job B . and even tho I did say you need to give half your check back from the performance!!! I changed my mind keep the whole check!!!!! thanks for the honest (SHIRT) lol

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