Starr Said: Time flies with no wings, So can we.



Time flies, whether you’re having fun or not! Just a gentle reminder to myself and you all.

It has been a while since my last post.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all! I hope the Universe has been kind to you.

Me, well…


I have been doing tons of reflecting, self discovery, and overall pondering direction. I am always thinking!

Aware of many things, I constantly contradict my own knowledge. Knowing that all is temporary, I seek purpose, but without being grounded.

I’ve learned that is the issue… for me at least. It is best to simply, “be”. Nothing more, nothing less. There lies receptivity, acceptance, and thankfully, clarity. We must ground ourselves enough to keep present, meanwhile acting, loving and existing, like nothing lasts forever, because…  it doesn’t.

That to me is the hardest pill to swallow.

You may be coherent of the temporary and turn cold, or, over analyze your possession and go about in haze.

To be grounded is the key.


I am not necessarily the resolution type, BUT I did vow to myself a few things going forward:

1) Make well with your time.

2) Do what you want. You will, if that’s truly want you want.

3) KNOW what you want and know yourself. That is the only way through.

4) Thoughts become things. All thoughts. Take heed to what you are thinking.

    Simply put, “As within, so without.”!


I have not stopped writing since my last post.

I disconnected, for lack of a better word, not noticing I was keeping myself and my words from the world. The Internet is a big place, and when I post these words, who knows where they REALLY go. I just hope they reach the right parts!

With that said, I am glad to be back on and posting pieces that we can all enjoy and most importantly, provoke self. Self -Love, Self-Awareness, Self-Knowledge, etc.


Until next post…


Don’t let your escape… escape you :]

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