What You Need To Know To Be Kanye West’s Girl, The Truth From The Ex-Girlfriend



Brooke Crittendon dated Kanye West from 2004-2006 and in an interview with UK newspaper The Sun, she expressed no surprise that her former beau ended up with , and believes that has something to do with why she’s pregnant.

Having heard him bring Kardashian up in the past, Crittendon alleged that West wants the reality star because she’s desired by so many men. “There’s , J-Lo and Beyoncé but they are all taken. She [Kardashian] fits into his brand,” the 31-year-old said.

Kanye’s hooked up with Kim Kardashian because it’s a good look for his brand:
There’s Halle Berry, J-Lo and but they are all taken. She fits into his brand. Part of being untouchable is having what other people want. It’s about saying, ‘Everybody wants her and she wants me’. That makes sense in Kanye’s world. I know he has had a thing with her for a while. I’m sure he watched her tape. After we broke up, we caught up as friends and he mentioned her, I knew something was there. In Hollywood, you cannot say ‘forever’. Them being together satisfies them for now. Having a baby ticks a box. She wanted kids and it’s his legacy.

Kanye requires his women to dress a certain way:
“I watched the show when he made Kim throw away all her old clothes. I see why something like that could be demeaning — robbing her of her individuality. There was a pressure on me to change overnight, to be a certain way, to dress a certain way. But the Kardashians are accustomed to that anyway. I was just a normal girl.

Dating Kanye can be somewhat of a for a normal chick:
“By day I was working in an office and in the evening this fairy godmother would arrive and I’d have all these amazing experiences. It was like a two-year trip to Disneyland. We went to his first together in 2006. He was nominated for Of The Year for Late Registration and won. I remember Bono came to his dressing room after the show and said he thought Kanye should have won and that he was a big fan. Our first anniversary was the first day of his tour in Miami. After the show we went back to our suite and there were hundreds of roses and the orchestra section from his concert were in there playing the song, ‘It’s Our Anniversary,’ by Tony! Toni! Tone!

“His place in New York was opulent. I remember this chair that was made completely of teddy bears. He loved it. And he had this Sistine Chapel thing going on in the dining room. Someone had hand-painted these cherubs all over the ceiling.”

Kanye can be an awesome boyfriend if you don’t mind sharing him:
I was very naive. I was a normal girl and in my life you meet a guy, you go on three dates and that’s your boyfriend. But he was a superstar and it got too much for me to handle. I was never OK being one of many — or even one of a few. There was a lot of attention from other women. Kanye was very open and honest but it ended up with me knowing too much. I don’t want to be silly and say it wasn’t cheating because I knew about it. But he wanted and needed me to be OK with certain things I wasn’t OK with. He was a good boyfriend in f***ed-up circumstances. It ended because there were a lot of arguments and a lot of fights. It became really nasty.”“He definitely had an appreciation for the feminine form and a curiosity. As a celebrity, sex becomes cheap but his obsession with sex was more sophisticated.”

Kanye can be insecure:
“He was not macho — he needed you to be with him and needed your opinion. He was quite vulnerable. He was insecure as he couldn’t be with me every day. I got the impression he worried he wasn’t good enough for me. He needs people to tell him he is good and that he is needed and wanted. He wouldn’t start his show unless I was at the side of the stage. One night the show was delayed because he couldn’t find me. He refused to go on till I’d told him it was going to be OK.”

Jay-z is Kanye’s ultimate role model:
“He admires Jay-Z and they are very close. Over the years Jay has been a role model to him. Whether it is starting to be more mature, taking chances with clothes or getting married and starting a family, ultimately he takes those cues from Jay.”

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One Comment

  1. awe!!!! wow!!! brooke this is a need to not know conversation you are presenting , so you say jay-z is the reason kim is having a baby, may be so !!!! that shows you kanya waited for the perfect woman to have his child and maybe jay-z was his role model when yall were together and with all the other women that has crossed kany’s path. then thats a good role model for it kept him from haveing babies until the time was right with the right women and thats whats most important you always want your legecy to be around a great loving family some time you have to wait for the right great loving family to present it self have you ever seen kanya with a family around him ? no we never saw pictures of him with your family or any one else other than his mom(RIP) . I think he made the right choice with kim. sorry if you missed your baby calling. congrats to j-z for helping choose whats best for him , so you say j-z is responsible then thats a good thang so let it go you had your chance this story was not needed from you (a need to know) a need to know is its kims life now so move on and congrats to kanya and kim on their baby.