Consequence Dishes On Kanye West Relationship With Kim K Before Marriage



Consequence is a part of the Love and Hip Hop cast, but that’s not all he’s known for in the hip hop and R&B community.

Consequence often speaks of his work as a ghostwriter for many artists, namely, Kanye West. But he’s also a respected songwriter and he wrote the lyrics to Beyonce’s Grammy nominated single, “Party.”

Consequence’s relationship with Kanye lasted for 10 years but the two broke it off and in 2011. Cons was upset & that anger lead him to have several interviews where he was vocal about his disappoint in Kanye. Months later (Sept 2011), Cons had an interview with MTV News where he said that things were resolved between himself & Kanye. The two talked everything out via email back in ’11.

“I hit him, and he hit me back with one of those all-caps tirades. He was pissed and rightfully so. And I was pissed and that’s why things happened the way they happened. … He spoke his piece, I spoke my piece, and he told me he loved me. And the feud is over with Kanye.”

To start 2013, Cons & his baby mother, Jen The Pen, explain why things are salty, once again, when it comes to their relationship with Kanye.

Kanye shocked Consequence and Jen the Pen when he refused to send a gift or a word of congratulations for their newborn, Caiden.

Jen the Pen says that Kanye is “tacky” because when she knew of Kanye cheating with Kim K when she was with Reggie Bush, she kept that secret in her “home.”