Steve Harvey Breaks Down In Tears After A Birthday Surprise From Caring Friends


Comedian, author, and talk show host Steve Harvey has come to be known for telling it like it is, so to see him cry on the set of his show was a shock, but it was for good reason. Harvey’s birthday just passed, and on his show his producers had a special surprise birthday call in. Turns out it was from people who helped him tremendously when he was just starting out as a comedian, and the moment touched him so much, he began to cry instantly.

I was 26 years old, struggling. I didn’t have nothing, and these people owned a furniture store in Cleveland. They took me in and gave me a contract with my little carpet cleaning company. When I became a comedian at 27, I didn’t have money to travel. They gave me an account at their travel agency and I ran up a bill that was $11,000 just traveling and try to make it. Those people right there, they helped me out!

This video just really goes to show you the goodness that there is in the world, and people do things out of the kindness in their hearts without asking for anything in return. There are those who really want you to succeed and do well!

Watch the video below.