McDonald’s worker loses 112lbs after cutting out Big Macs & fries for breakfast and lunch


A McDonald’s worker who super-sized herself by eating Big Macs twice a day has lost eight stone after switching to the salad bar.
Teresa Mayhew, 25, from South Wales, loved to tuck in to free portions of burger and chips while at work, routinely eating her employer’s high-calorie food for both breakfast and lunch, followed by a takeaway kebab or pizza for dinner.
And in just a couple of years her weight doubled to more than 19 stone, forcing her to get bigger and bigger standard issue beige and brown uniforms, until she was wearing a size 26.

She said: ‘I was loving the food we sell at McDonalds – I just kept eating and eating.
‘We’re allowed to have free food. So I’d eat that when I had a break and then when I got home I’d have more food – pizza, chips, kebabs.
‘I didn’t really know when I was full so it was easy to keep on going.’

Teresa refused to weigh herself for two years, and when she eventually plucked up courage she watched in horror as the needle on the scale went to 19 stone 2lbs.
She said: ‘When I started piling on the weight it didn’t really bother me. But I realised I was taking a huge risk with my health – I felt my future was going down the drain.’

Teresa also became despondent when she couldn’t wear most clothes she found on the high street.
She said: ‘I was going into clothes shops looking for nice things but I couldn’t actually fit into them. So I was wearing the same thing all the time.

‘I’d see other people wearing nice clothes and think, “I want to be like that”.’
Teresa, from the village of Pentre in the Rhondda Valleys, South Wales, joined a Weight Watchers slimming club and was told to drop burgers from her diet.
So instead of eating fat-packed double cheese burgers for lunch, Teresa started opting for salads.

And at home she started cooking healthy meals for herself while her family carried on tucking into takeaways and chips.
And now, almost two years on,Teresa has lost a staggering 7st 12lb to reach her Weight Watchers target of 11st 4lb.
She now wears a dress size 12 to 14, and although she would still like to lose a few pounds, she is thrilled with her new body.
Teresa said: ‘It’s amazing, I just can’t believe I’ve done it.
‘In work, when I see customers I haven’t seen for a while they say, “You’ve changed so much, how have you done it?”.’

Breakfast: McDonald’s
Lunch: McDonald’s
Dinner: Pizza, chips, kebabs
Breakfast: Porridge or Weetabix
Lunch: Salad or soup
Dinner: Quorn spaghetti bolognese

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