Kenya Moore Throws Shots On RHOA on The Wendy Williams Show


In addition to forgiving Wendy Williams for saying she had craters on her face, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore has denied acting up specifically for the cameras.

Appearing in a televised interview Thursday, Moore said her portrayal on the show is a real depiction of who she is as a woman.

“I can say this, I don’t play for the cameras. What you see is who I am, but I have to say I think the mean girl reputation is not deserved,” Moore shared with “The Wendy Williams Show” in video below.

Kenya Moore might have clashed initially with “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Cynthia Bailey, but her hatred truly runs deep for her fellow RHOA freshman Porsha Stewart — wife of former NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart.

The two clashed after Porsha invited Kenya to a charity event and Kenya, feeling slighted and disrespected by Porsha’s mixing up her title (she called Kenya a Miss “America” winner when she actually won Miss USA), bolted from the show and abandoned ship

Porsha went outside to check on the beauty pageant queen, and at first, was amiable about the situation. But once she realized Kenya was trying to bail, Porsha asked the former Miss USA to leave and that’s when the fireworks went off between the two.

Talk show host Wendy Williams is a diehard RHOA fan and she jumped right into the beef with Porsha when Kenya visited the set.

Kenya explained that her tiff with Porsha didn’t start with the Miss America/USA mix-up, though that certainly didn’t make the medicine go down any smoother.

The lunch where Kenya initially met Porsha left a bad taste in her mouth and she said the Atlanta socialite was “single-handedly ruining her grandfather’s [Hosea Williams] legacy.”

Then, she straight up called Porsha a ho, saying, “Some people work for a living and some people twerk for a living.”

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  1. kenya you said it was not that porsha mis quated your title, you said it carried over from the lunch meeting and her imaturity as a young person, if you felt that way, you should of been the bigger person because she is young and just been humble enough to speak to her on your title name after the event was over and just been their for the support of the charity. and second of all you bowed down to wendy she asked you straight up were you mad about the crater in your face comment and you know you were mad the way you got mad on a title name i know the skin comment was a harder blow. so shut the fuck up and keep waveing and practice on representing charieties drama free. love ya wendy she couldnt even stand up to you when you called her out and asked was she mad you go wendy she aint got no bite she all bark.

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