R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” Premiere Draws More Than a Million Viewers to IFC

Seven years after R. Kelly unleashed the first installment of what would become his long-running Trapped in the Closet series, it seems fans still can’t get enough of the hip-hopera’s over-the-top drama. So on Friday, when IFC broadcasted digitally remastered editions of the original Trapped in the Closet vignettes along with all-new chapters, more than 1.5 million total viewers tuned in.

The new chapters began airing at 9 p.m. E.T., pulling in 780,000 total viewers.

The seemingly endless saga picked up where it left off, catching up with Sylvester, Rufus, Cathy, Tina, Roxanne, Randolph, Rosie the Nosy Neighbor, Reverend Moseley, Twan and Pimp Lucius. R. Kelly, who starred as many of the characters, created and wrote the series, which follows the characters as they untangle a web of sex, lies and surprises.

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In social media, among all broadcast and cable networks, IFC ranked #2 for the day; Trapped in the Closet ranked #2 among all TV programs for the day and #7 among all TV series for the entire week (Nov. 19-25).

R. Kelly’s ‘Trapped In The Closet’ Draws More Than 1.5 Million Viewers on IFC – Ratings | TVbytheNumbers

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