Bow Wow’s baby mother Joie Chavez now dating hit music producer





















Joie Chavez, Bow Wow’s baby mother, seems to have moved on. Joie has been spotted in LA with “N**gas In Paris” producer and Kanye West prodigee, Chauncey Hollis better known as HitBoy.

Joie must have been tired of hiding her new “love” so she took to instagram to share her lovely courtside date with her new love. Before that the twosome were spotted and pictured partying together on the LA scene as well.

…. the article was simple but the COMMENTS (most by male readers) stole the show

there are bunch of bad bitches in the world, and this is who you picked? someone else’s baby mama? these industry ****** are clowns

ThatHighCrowd ☮ Djed ☥ Freethinker • 8 hours ago
Thats what i dont get either my *****……….. they GOTTA be doin it for the pussy….not for no long term shit It just dont make sensee

boompow ThatHighCrowd • 7 hours ago
my man gonna pound da guts for like a month and split

☮ Djed ☥ Freethinker ThatHighCrowd • 5 hours ago
Yeezy taught him well

Ace ThatHighCrowd • 7 hours ago
smh yall need to grow up. So what if she already has a baby? They both grown so obviously it doesnt matter. That “baby mama” shit doesnt exist in the industry. I’d still hit that even if she had 10 kids.

Booshow Ace • 5 hours ago
ya but wifing it is another story ***** ders no problem hitting it but wifing up left overs is a no no

3hunnaStunna Booshow • 5 hours ago
Everyone is someone else’s leftovers. Only exception to the leftover rule is 1) you’re still a virgin 2) you’ve only been with 1 person

☮ Djed ☥ Freethinker 3hunnaStunna • 4 hours ago −
leftovers applies to those who certainly know the person’s previous relationships or fuck buddies – I want cuff a bitch that I know the whole hood fucked her. that shit is not wavy!

I couldnt be in a relationship with a girl that i know the next ***** got a baby by, smashed, or been with. These ****** got money n can get almost any girl they want n they choose to sleep n date the same bitches???

cain45 ogkush420 • 6 hours ago
because industry ****** are followers no originality

Cuban_Chico ogkush420 • 6 hours ago −
thats wtf i dont get

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  1. wow you guys are hallarious those who say they dont want left overs for all you know you were born from a left over lets keep it 100 no one is perfect but on the reall if you havent found the one you gonna keep trying so now on that note you men are someones left over to but any way this for U bow wow why you cant keep a girl why theyl all leave is it that good and they cant handel your ass or are u an ass in relationships? im just saying

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