Oprah Lights Up Forbes Magazine As One Of America’s Top Philanthropy Billionaire’s

Yeah she is African American, and that makes all the difference we will ever need to know and she is able to hang with the rest of the sharks in the room.   That’s why we love it and yes she looks stunning because that is our OWN!

FORBES Magazine put on the first-ever Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy, a gathering of 161 billionaires and near-billionaires who want to solve the world’s problems. During a break, the mag snapped up a picture of 12 of the attendees and Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett were among them.

The photo was taken by photographer Michael Prince in the Trustees Room at the New York Public Library. The net worth in the room was $126 billion! The pic covers the 30th annual Forbes 400 issue which ranks America’s wealthiest people.