Meagan Good Sex Tape Picture hits the net!!! Real or Fake??? (Parental Discretion Is Advised)


Meagan Good hasn’t always had the squeakiest reputation in the industry, and now an alleged picture of her has hit the net that has her in a very compromising situation. It seems as though a former partner of hers snapped a picture of her during an obviously intoxicated moment. we’re not a 100 percent sure that this is her or if this is a PhotoShop edited picture or not. What do you think?? Scroll down below for the picture.














































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  1. I want to apologize to everybody. And especially to Meagan Good. That pic is a friggin fake and you should take it down. Just google proof of fake megan good pic and you will see that it is a fake. here is a link that shows it clearly to be a fake photo shop. Damn those devils for doing this to Meagan. I hope God exterminates them with a long and agonizingly painful disease and death.

  2. wow. Meagan Good is hardcore. I can’t believe she does hard core porn now. I always thought she was different and believed in Jesus. This is a complete 180 and I don’t even know who she is anymore. That even looks like it is anal!! What happened to this girl? All just to sell a stupid porn tape? Greed is a horrible sin.