More B2K Drama: Raz-B Admits to Sucking J Boog Off

More drama with Raz-B which it appears to never end.  This is crazy, this seems to be the only person in the cast of his own soap opera.  In this episode Raz-B admits to sucking J-Boog off, what other new surprises are we to expect.  I definitely feel something ain’t right with this whole picture and further more towards the end of the video it appears that Raz-B is coached to ask the questions.


  1. Man. This soap opera keeps getting stranger and stranger. Someone is lying here and the end of this saga will be as entertaining as all of Raz B’s countless videos. lol. I can’t front though. I think he’s mostly telling the truth. He’s definitely going about this the wrong way though. Doesn’t seem like the other fellas want this exposed and are trying to move on. The tales of the once famous and now broke.

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