Check out singer Maxwell with his new girlfriend!!!!!!

Maxwell is chatting it up about his new boo. And she’s Canadian model Kris Jacobs. Interestingly, Kris was in his “Pretty Wings” video. And she dated The Dream right before he started wifing up Christina Milian. She appeared in his “Falsetto” video.
Maxwell talked to the Toronto Sun about her–even though he wouldn’t confirm her name:
“She’s great. Right now (her identity) belongs to me at this point, and I’m just happy that I have somebody around that could be as understanding as she truly, truly is,” he said on the phone from his rehearsal space in Toronto this week.
“It’s a little difficult to have a relationship now, so I’m extra blessed that I have me someone who cannot see me for two weeks and still be OK. So every now and again, we’ll meet up, she’ll come fly out somewhere, and spend some time, but she barely sees me.”

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  1. I think yo boy maxwell is dating a honey name Selita, so Ms. Angelique Lachelle is out of the picture on this one, but I tell you this, if you get in touch with Angelique tell her i’ll drank her bathwater if she let me, ooo goodness that girl if fine to death. I’ll give her all my money.

  2. @immatell,
    I think you have this girl misunderstood. She is definitely not dating Maxwell. Angelique lachelle is getting readyto be married, like this year 2010. you got her information from the book she wrote. please get your facts straight

  3. This is not true at all. he is dating this girl by the name of Angelique lachelle. he is trying to cover this up because Angelique is a no body and she has kids from other men. Imma just tell it how it is. Maxwell and Angelique is bi-sex and their whole relationship thing is a cover up. i bet you any amount of money you won’t see him with this girl anywhere. maxwell stop fronting boo we on to your little single parent girlfriend

  4. “Well, I am very happy for Maxwell,because good men like him deserve to have a special someone to share their life with.The both of them are very attractive people, and I’m pretty sure that if they marry they’ll have some beautiful babies.So I am about to end this by saying that I wish them nothing but the very best, and may godless!”

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